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Wants to get Lorry Permit to OTR? It's not that hard though!


Well, lets talk about this hot topic that all of you worries about, that is applying Lorry Permit in Malaysia!

Hello, boss from different industry, have you ever think that its too hard to apply Permit Lorry?

I've heard that someone have their Permit Lorry in hand in just 1 month working days! How did they do it?

Nowadays, everyone might noticed that Permit Lorry are way too hard to get applied, you'll get rejected if anything wrong with your submitted form!

​If you ever tried to apply Permit Lorry yourself but failed, you should try to find them. They can eventually check your company details, the reason of reject and giving you the greatest solution! The most important is Fast! Efficient !


You should think twice if you still planned to apply by yourself, it takes 1 more month to apply if the Permit Lorry got reject on your first attempt.

We strictly not recommended you to take any risk of getting rejected, let someone who professional in this industry to help you, don't waste any time waiting for an un-confirm answer!

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Now, I'll recommend a Permit Lorry services company! They help to analyse, leading customers to get their permit lorry A/C/KA more easily.

Example case: My friend's Permit Lorry application got rejected 3 times in a row in 3 months, it was a terrible experience, they can't give me any explanation due to the rejection. Then, I try to give the professional company to assist me, i can't believe it got done in first attempt!


How's their review:

It's too hard for me to apply new Permit Lorry based on my current company details, but we really can't believe Mr Loh did apply Permit Lorry successfully for my company in 1 month!

By: Johnxxxxx Lee Company: Hxxxxe Sdn Bhd

Know them via Facebook, Mr Loh is so well trained & professional. Whole process only took 1 month working days.

By: Yap Hxxx Lxx Company: Hxx Lxx Transportation Sdn Bhd

Mr Loh only serves customer in Peninsular Malaysia, i got my Permit Lorry in one month working days, thank you.

By: Chin Cxxx Hxxx Company: Axxx Logistics Sdn Bhd

Mr Loh and his brother are very kind, nice explanations & sugesstions, i got my expired permit done renew in 45 days!

By: Lee Sxx Cxxx Company: Yxx Enterprise

I got my permit with Mr Loh professionalism! 🙏🏻

By: Ivxx Lxx Kxx Sxxx Company: Dxxx Wxxx Cleaning Services Enterprise

I have my company in Puchong for 3 years, I've tried to apply Permit Lorry multiple times but got rejected. Now, I've found someone who "Pro" in this sector,  Permit Lorry approved on the first try, really recommend their services👍🏻

Try to have a call with them! Hopefully you'll have your Permit Lorry too :)


For Permit Lorry application without any worries, you should have a look on JC Tech Advance Auto Sdn Bhd ! Contact details as listed below:

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